3. How to get clients using socials - advice from a social media manager

Hi besties! I’m Chloe and I’m a social media manager specialising in the beauty industry. Pre-pandemic I did my lash qualification so I have first-hand experience of what it’s like getting started, marketing your business, getting your first clients, etc so I completely understand all the struggles you may face when it comes to getting your lash business going.
Paisley has invited me to do a blog post so I can share the low down on getting started on socials. In this post I’ll cover; what socials you should be using, how to set up an effective profile, content ideas to get you started, how to use socials to get your first clients, and finally, I’ll give you some of my free and fav resources to help boost your socials! You won’t want to miss this…
So, you’ve just got your lash qualification, now it’s time to get clients by marketing your business. How should you do this? Well, generally speaking, you want to be using visual social media as it’ll be photo/video content of your work that will bring clients in.
My absolute fav, I’ll stand by it forever! This is an absolute must to have if you’re just starting. The entire beauty community is so supportive here, and there are so many pages you can follow that you can learn from. There are so many features that you can utilise to grow your business such as reels, guides, and pinned posts.
Another amazing platform! Personally, I’d recommend Instagram being your main focus, and then use TikTok as a secondary. TikTok is better for growing your business name generally, whereas Instagram will help you actually reach local people (the people who will end up being your clients). But by using TikTok to grow your business, long term you are opening up yourself to more opportunities. You can also repost your Instagram reels to TikTok!
If your target audience is slightly older then go for it! Although I do think it’s worth having a business Facebook page for Facebook groups. You can join local community groups to get yourself known, you can join beauty support groups for advice which I highly recommend if you’re just starting. When posting on Instagram, you can check a box so that it automatically posts to Facebook too meaning you don’t have to manually post on Facebook which we love!
Now, imagine that you’re using Instagram as your main social media, how do you set your profile up in a way that is going to get your clients? Let’s talk about it…
So, bio optimisation and SEO comes into play massively, simply put this is just about how the software uses keywords in search engines to allow others to find you - i.e., the Instagram search bar being a search engine.
Let me show you the perfect example of a lash tech bio and break it down for you…
NAME - This is where you should include keywords, such as what you do/are (lash tech, lash extensions), and your location! Think about what you would search for if you were looking for that service. Feel free to have your name to add a personal touch.
BIO - This is simply; who are you, what do you do, and how do people book in with you. Keep it short and sweet, avoid having it too long to the point where people have to tap ‘see more’.
Now you have your profile set up, what are you gonna post?! It’s important to post consistently (3-5 times a week) to build up your brand so let me give you ideas to keep you going… (if you haven’t had any clients, you can do these ideas with a mannequin, practice makes perfect!)
* Before and after 
* Your first set vs now
* Lash with me (show the process
* Close up shot
* Product spotlight
* Different styles of lashes
* Aftercare instructions
* Retention killers
* Introduce yourself
* Appointment timeline
* Share a lash map
* Lash sets you’ve done today
Make sure you use a range of Instagram formats, reels, single images, carousels, and stories - have a play around and see what works for each idea! 
Now your bio is literally perfect and you’re posting high-quality content consistently, anyone that comes across your page is going to follow and fall in love immediately - but how do we directly target local people that could become clients?
HASHTAGS - Use hashtags on your posts such as #manchesterlashes ,#lashesmanchester , #manchesterlashtech etc - this is another way of using keywords so people can find you. You can also reach out to potential client by using local hashtags such as #manchester , when you come across someone that could be a potential client, like some of their posts, leave a comment, and maybe even follow! 
LOCATION TAGS - Always use these in your posts so people easily know where you are. To reach out to client, you should look through local location tags such as bars, restaurants, shopping centres and interact with potential clients there. This will show you so many local people!
COMPETITORS - Look at other local lash techs and go through their following/likes and interact with the people there.
I believe that organic engagement (interacting) is absolutely everything when it comes to building a business as people trust people, more than they trust a business - this is why it is so important to build relationships and build a community.
CANVA - Create all social graphics, highlight content here.
EXCEL - Track your finances. Plan content.
VIDEO LEAP - Edit video content.
SNAPSEED  - Photo editing.
I hope this helps and I can not wait to see your thrive on socials! If you enjoyed this then head over to my instagram (instagram.com/sociallychloe) to see more tips and tricks for levelling up!
Don’t forget to tag me in your posts, I’d love to support you!
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