How to prevent stickies - why lash extensions need to be isolated correctly.

have you ever been powering through a full set of lash extensions and been completely deflated because your application, glue and pure technique is great... but you're still deflated?

it could be because you're working too quick for your glue and need a quicker drying little assistant to help! if this is the case I would recommend our ultimate bond glue.

if you're happy with your glue but want to know my secret then here it is...

so, the best way I can explain this is the numbers represent the order of where you should be applying the lashes.

so for example:

  • place a lash on the outer corner of the right eye
  • repeat on the left eye
  • go back to the right eye and place a lash in the middle
  • repeat on the left eye
  • and now go back to the right eye to place a lash on the inner corner
  • repeat on the left eye 

and so on... and so on.

I hope this helps! any questions - feel free to message on @paisleysbeautyroom instagram if you need any questions answered for FREE about lash extensions

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