Why choose PBR?

Hi! I assume if you're here you are new to the brand or wanting to know who we are.

I'm paisley, I run this show alone while lashing full time. 

I set up this brand in 2017 after noticing a lot of flaws with lash products on the market. I started with classics and flat lashes and it went from there! 

Im very firm on keeping the products affordable and easy for your business to thrive from without worrying whether you need to have high prices to cover cost prices. I make sure you get the most for your money and in space saving packaging to make sure your lash trolly can keep more space for good stuff (like money from clients and the odd starbucks/red bull)

So to answer the question "why choose PBR?"

  • high quality lash supplies
  • cost effective
  • 0% interest, split payment options
  • customer service practically 24/7 to answer any questions (even if its just advice on how to apply tape!)
  • your business cost worked out by me so you know exactly what your profit is shopping with us
  • free tips and tricks on the website, and all social media platforms
  • monthly giveaways for shoppers
  • products are tested by me, a lash artist with 5 years experience so you don't have to worry on how to use a product or what it does - that's what I am here for!

Please, if you have any questions, I am just an email/ DM away.


Lots of love, Paisley x