Patch tests - how and why?

As we all know, patch tests are a huge cause for debates in the lash industry as some do them, some don't.. some apply behind the ear, some apply a few lashes.

While neither way of patch testing can 100% show a reaction - lash extension glue should not touch the skin and doing this can cause irritation (which will make you and the client think they're allergic when they are not) therefore, when carrying out a patch test, you should be applying around 10 lashes on each eye. This way is also good for showing irritation to the pads/ tape too.

When wondering whether you should or shouldn't carry out a patch test its important to consider why you're doing it. Legally, if somebody wanted to sue you for their reaction they could, as we are not supported in the legal system regardless of carrying out a patch test, signing a waiver or simply doing nothing - you can still lose the court battle. 

Having insurance that doesn't require you to carry out a patch test just means that they will cover financial costs should it reach a legal disagreement.

so why should you carry one out anyway?

Well, as the professionals, its our responsibility to care for our clients and do everything possible to give an easy and enjoyable experience, so taking measures to see if they are allergic will go a long way - you can also use the time for a consultation and can help make the client more comfortable on the day. Anyone severely allergic will react on a patch test, so can you imagine their reaction with no test?

As i always say, its better to be safe than sorry - and if it only takes 10 minutes to ensure safety of your client - then its a no brainer!

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