2. Why has my glue stopped working?

have you found your absolute holy grail glue and then... all of a sudden... it isn't drying properly, you're getting stickies and the retention is just not it?


There are so many things your lash glue relies on to work and, one of these things, is room conditions.

If you are using a regulated glue from a reputable supplier your glue should have lots of information on what it needs to work best. Let's take our own holy grail, master bond, for instance. Our master bond works best in a room temperature of 15-25°c and a humidity between 40%-70%.

The reason for this is because the humidity in the air is a water percentage so, as we know, if we introduce too much water too quickly to the glue it causes pop offs & bad retention. 

The best way to ensure your glue is in ideal working conditions is to invest in an aircon unit for the warmer days (they are usually dehumidifiers as well) and a humidifier for the dryer, colder days.

If your lash environment is usually quite dry, having some plants nearby or boiling the kettle every so often can be a huge help!

Another handy tip is to only prime the natural lashes on super oily clients as primer isn't actually needed for everyone!

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